Ribbon Blender Steam Jacketed

10 cubic foot Ribbon Blender, Model SF-RB-10. 
Maximum working capacity is 25 ft3 (700 Litres), full holding capacity is 28 ft3 (775 Litres).
Unit includes the following features:
VESSEL RATING :        Atmospheric design.
WETTED PARTS :          SS304
INTERIOR FINISH :         150 Grit
EXTERIOR FINISH  :        80 Grit.

TROUGH :                       21“W x 48”L x 25”
TOP COVER :                 2-piece cover with safety switch to prevent operation of agitator with cover open.
COVER GASKET :            S i l i c o n  c o v e r g a s k e t  ( F D A ) .
AGITATOR TYPE :             Solid double Ribbon Agitator shaft designed for centre discharge.
Internal  flanges  bolted  to  shaft  stub  ends.   Heavy-duty anti-friction bearing on non-driven end.
SHAFT DESIGN:          EN-8

DRIVE TYPE :          Hollow Boar Gear Reduction Gear Box.
MOTOR TYPE :         5.6kw, TEFC motor suitable for operation on 415 volt, 3 phase, 50 Hz power supply.
SHAFT SPEED :            Top speed of approximately 56 rpm.
SUPPORT DESIGN :       Mild steel supports and shaft guards.
DISCHARGE VALVE :    Manually operated  4” knife gate valve.
CLEARANCE :           Legs providing a 36” clearance beneath  discharge valve to floor.JACKET :                4 Kg/cm2 stainless steel type 304 jacket,
CONTROL :            Control  panel  will  be  manufactured  from mild  steel  and  shall be powder coated. Control panel are designed for 415 Volts 50 Hz power supply. Control  panel  includes  electrical  switch  gears  like  MCB, VFD, rotary disconnect switch, start stop push buttons, and push button for speed i

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