Smokeless Snus tobacco packing machine

Snus Packing machine is the best tobacco Packing machine that helps to pack smokeless tobacco in filter pouch . Sidsam Group is manufacturer of a wide range of products which include High Speed Snus Packing Machine, Snuff Packing Machine, Filter Naswar Packing Machine, Swedish.

Specification Of Tobacco Packing Machine

  • PLC Mitsubishi Japan
  • HMI Mitsubishi Japan
  • Geared Motor : Bonvario (Italian)
  • A.C. Drive : Fuji (Japanese)
  • Pneumatic : Festo (German) , SMC (Japanese)
  • Sensor : P&F (German)
  • Temperature controller : Omron PID   (Japanese)
  • Contact parts : Stainless steel 304 Food Grade
  • Auto Counting system
  • Conveyor system

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