We Provide Packing machines used to pack different types of Food and Non-food Items.

  • Tea Bag Packing machines
  • Tobacco/ Snus/ Filter Khaini Packing Machine
  • Granual/Powder Packing Machines
  • Liquid Packing Machines
  • Packing Machine With Auger/Cup Filler/Weigher
  • Edible Oil Packing Machine
  • Pyramid Pouch Packing Machine
  • Single Lane Stick Pack Machines
  • Horizontal Flow Wrap Machines


Tea Bag Packing machinery

We provide Packing machines for Packing of Tea Bag with string, Tag & outer sachet for products like Herbal tea, Green tea, Black tea, Medical tea etc.

Granules Packing machines

These machines are used to pack Granular items and free flowing powders eg. Rice, Sugar, Dry tea, Pulses, Grains, Salt, Namkeen, Detergent Powder, Salt , Suji, Rice powder etc.

Liquid/Paste Packing machines

These machines are used to pack Hair oil, Shampoo, Lotion, Perfume, Edible Oil, Fruit Juice, 2T oil, Car Polish, Sauce, Paste, Grease, Chutney, Liquid Chocolate,  Tomato Sauce, Honey, Jam, Caramel etc.

Mineral water Packing machines

These machines are used to pack Water, Liquor, Fruit Juice and Free flowing liquid.

Snacks Packing machines

These machines are used to pack Potato Chips, Banana Chips, Popped Snacks, Rice Snacks, Cheese Balls, Kurkure, Dry Fruits, Rice, Pulses, Namkeen, Bhujia etc.

Snus Portioning machines

These machines are used to pack Snus, Tobacco Powder, Coconut husk etc.


We at Sidsam Group emphasize on improvement and innovation and provide quality services and understand our customer’s quality. 

SIDSAM has plans to introduce more models of user friendly food processing equipments, confectionery equipments and packing equipments. We plan to collaborate with reputed manufacturer located in Europe / U.S.A. to set up manufacturing units abroad as well as  joint venture .


We provide different types of Packing machines like Tea Bag Packing machines, Tobacco/Snus/Filter Khaini Packing machine and other packing machines used to pack granular items, Powdered items etc.

We specialize in packing machinery used for packing of different food and non-food items.

We provide liquid Vertical packing for Ketchup/ Honey with Steam Hopper, Vertical packing machine for free flowing liquids and vertical paste packing machine.